How to fight against over the privacy?

your intent is really not secure in 2019

and how

Because GOV and Advertisement agency’s trying to sale your data base over the internet


They use to sale search data base

How many peoples are looking for Nikki shoes?

They use to sell the data to another shoes company like Adidas

Govt can trace the data for there own economy reasons

We are here for save the internet naturally

Here is our website

The Tor Browser:

We are always here to protect you from the privacy

Your own compositors can try to trace you

You can legally abuse them for any legal abusiveness of internet feel free to contact us.

Even internet providers are sealing your data to another companies

We recomend you to always use VPN before using internet illegal or legal work.

Everyone have a right of having privacy free life

Feel free to contact us if you are facing a privacy issue over the internet

We always recommend you to use the tor browser for your better privacy

You are thinking that your internet is secure

But it’s now

Be live me there is gov and private advertisement companies are tracing you

You can go legally any time

Always use VPN before using internet

All we want a single share over the social site like for facebook, twitter, reddit.

Contact us for any privacy issues.

The movement resulted in a massive public victory for net neutrality in India. This resulted in legal rules which now require internet service providers and telecoms companies to treat all data equally. But these rules are being violated. What is worse, no system exists for their enforcement. So what good is a victory if we cannot enjoy it?

By the Take Action Petition we call on people and organisations to support a list of joint demands to the relevant government offices. This will help us protect net neutrality and #SaveTheInternet again.

We also call on people to submit reports of any net neutrality violations to us. Based on this data we will take all possible steps including making formal complaints.

Every single human have right of having privacy free internet

Tor browser always help you with the privacy.